Sunday, 5 July 2009

Beech Road Festival

In a mere 50 yards, the Chorltometerist found themselves finding an unprecedented two perfect Chorltometer 10's..

Body in Chorlton, Mind in Woodstock...

and Che Guevara t-shirts for kids...
...the Chorltometerist retreated hastily for a lie down.

  • beech road festival
  • use of fruits and vegetables in an unconventional context
  • none, even the scallies were organic

CHORLTOMETER rating: 11.0

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Chipped paintwork

On first glimpse these two fellows are engaging in a regular neighbourly chat.

Guess again!

Closer inspection reveals the neighbours feasting on fish & chips from the roof of their car (complete with bottle of sarsons vinegar), hmm not distinctly Chorlton organic...

But wait! What if?...

...they had their car fuelled on left over vegetable oil from the said fish & chips, and this was them taking part in the refuelling process - those clever Chorltoners!

  • friendship
  • alternative fuels
  • use of fruits and vegetables in an unconventional context
  • blatantly untrue (but they were eating fish & chips on the roof of the car)

CHORLTOMETER rating: 5.7

Monday, 29 June 2009

Strawberries & Cream

Only in Chorlton does the ridiculous provide normality. I'd love to think this newspaper A-frame was found in a rival south Manchester town baiting its uncool sister. You know the one, the sister that went to Glastonbury and jumped the fence, came back with an alterered state of mind, a hazy recollection of normality - their working class background.

Nah, this A-frame is in grown up Chorlton, jumping in muddy puddles in her wellies, smugly revelling in her Chorltony Chorltoness.

  • ridiculous
  • smug
  • use of fruits and vegetables in an unconventional context
  • probably not organic
  • uses dairy (could've used oat-ee-cream)

CHORLTOMETER rating: 6.5